Water Quality Issues

Chloride impairment

Jon Hartman represented the LJIS at the Ramsey Conservation District Aquatic Invasive Species Forum on March 30, 2017. At that meeting we learned some disturbing news. John Manske of Ramsey County Lake Management has been taking Chloride and Secchi disk measurements at Lake Johanna (and other area lakes) for many years, and has been researching Chloride levels. He has determined that Lake Johanna is in danger of Chloride impairment in 15 years. Little Johanna is already impaired.

Chloride comes into the lake primarily from salt spread on roads, sidewalks, and parking lots.

What does this mean to Lake Johanna? Please read more about this issue via the links below.

Jon Hartman has been in contact with Jon Manske. The LJIS board will be exploring ways that we can help reverse this trend, so contact a LJIS board member if you have ideas.