Useful Links

Resources specific to Lake Johanna

MN DNR "LakeFinder" (comprehensive information about Lake Johanna water quality, water clarity, fish surveys, etc.)

Minnesota Lake and River Use Restriction Summary (lists special motorized watercraft speed/wake restrictions on various Minnesota lakes, including Lake Johanna)

Let's Go Fishing with Seniors provides an opportunity for residents of Presbyterian Homes and others to fish on Lake Johanna.

Lake Josephine Improvement Association (Lake Josephine is "upstream" of Lake Johanna)

Local government

Ramsey County Water Patrol: 651-484-3366

Watershed districts and waters education

Rice Creek Watershed District (Lake Johanna is located within this watershed)

Ramsey Conservation District (Lake Johanna is also located within this district)

East Metro Water Resource Education Program (the Rice Creek Watershed District is a member of this organization)

Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District (neighboring watershed directly to the east)

Advocacy groups

Minnesota Waters – provides programs and resources to educate and promote responsible stewardship of lakes and rivers.

Invasive species

Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center at the U of M

Canada Geese management

Watch Dog Goose Patrol, a Roseville company that sells dog-shaped decoys that move in the wind, to help deter geese.