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Information Bulletin #14

posted Jun 14, 2012, 2:01 PM by Keith Gilbert

Lake Restoration, our contractor for weed control on Lake Johanna, has scheduled their first application for the week of June 10, 2012.  We received notice on Friday, June 8, that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources had issued our permit, which was the last step in the process.

Lakeshore owners who have paid their dues for the current year should have received their dock sticker and flag tapes in last week's mail.  If you haven't already done so, please put the sticker on the end of your dock or at another easily visible location.  The flags should mark the extent of the lakeshore, consistent with the DNR-approved footage for your property, that you want treated.

In this first application, Lake Restoration will be treating submerged weeds and filamentous algae (the stringy/clumpy variety that is prevalent now).  Treatment will cover the littoral zone that stretches from the shore to a depth of 15 feet.  Where they identify Vallisneria, also a submerged weed, they will add a second herbicide that may be more effective in controlling this difficult weed than the standard herbicide regularly used on the lake.

If you have any questions about weed treatment, please contact Gregg Larson (651-639-9466 or


On June 11, 2012, the Arden Hills City Council approved a procedure for declaring all of Lake Johanna as a temporary "no-wake zone" (that is no boat speed faster then 5mph) when the water level exceeds 879.5 feet, as measured by the gauge near the public boat landing.  Rainfall events have occasionally resulted in unusually high water on the lake and floating or submerged debris, including tree limbs and dock parts.

In the future, when water reaches the 879.5 level, the Council will declare a temporary "mo-wake zone" by resolution following an emergency meeting, residents will be informed of the action, and a sign for non-residents will be placed at the public landing.  The restriction would be lifted after the water level drops to 879.3 for a period of 24 hours.

While the lake rarely reaches a level of 879.5, and falls relatively quickly as water drains over the weir near the public beach, the Board unanimously supported the Council action.  In high-water emergencies, the Council action would reduce any shoreline erosion attributable to boat wakes; make Sheriff enforcement easier because the entire lake, rather than just the area within 250 feet of shore, would be restricted; and provide time for debris to be retrieved or float to shore.


Jennie Michaels will be overseeing goose removal this month.  As soon as the Canadian geese begin molting, the contractor will take advantage of their inability to fly to gather as many of the geese as possible from the lake.

There will be an annual 4th of July Boat Parade on Lake Johanna. The 4th falls on a Wednesday this year.  We'll send out a message closer to the parade day regarding time and place to gather on the lake.

Don't forget the LJIS annual picnic.  It's planned for Thursday evening, August 9, in Tony Schmidt Park.  More information will be forthcoming.

Have a great summer on the lake!