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Fourth of July Boat Parade

posted Jun 26, 2020, 2:52 PM by Keith Gilbert
When:  Saturday July 4, 2020
Where:  Tony Schmidt Beach
Time:  11am

Decorate your watercraft and join us for the annual Lake Johanna Boat Parade!

It has become quite a tradition to have water ballon fights during the parade. This has been great fun, however, it sometimes interrupts the parade. Let’s make one full rotation around the lake before letting the mayhem begin. Please limit water balloons to the bay on the SW part of the lake. Those with water balloons should stay and clean up balloon pieces after the fight. If you have fine nets or pool skimmers, they work great for clean up. Participants last year did a great job cleaning up -- let's do a great job this year again!

We look forward to seeing you on the Fourth!